So Here It Goes…

Hello everybody!  I’m glad you’re here.  This is a writing blog, which I’ll be adding to periodically.  I’ll let you know right away:  I’m not really a writer.  I’m fascinated with the craft, and I like to dabble from time to time.  The results will be published right here.

So what am I going to write about?  I’ll probably be writing (or writing about)  the kinds of things I like to read, which are mostly crime fiction, fantasy, or science fiction.  Maybe some sports will turn up, here and there.

What won’t I write about?  Here are a couple of topics you can assume I won’t touch:

  • Politics – I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t been said elsewhere.  I don’t even talk politics on my Facebook page.
  • Religion – I’ve seen lots of online religious arguments.  Mostly they go on and on even if nobody agrees with what, exactly, the argument is supposed to be about.  That sounds like a waste of time.

That leaves a lot open for us to discuss, so here we go!


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