You know, while we’re at it…

In the last couple installments of the Childhoods story, I included some illustrations based on screenshots I made while playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Further, these screenshots included content from numerous user modifications.  There are thousands of mods out there, and more are coming out all the time.  On my sidebar, I’ve added a couple of my favorite Elder Scrolls mod sites, but I thought I’d describe them here as well:

  • Nexus Mods – Skyrim is a clearinghouse for all kinds of Skyrim mods, from followers, to player homes, to animations to you-name-it.  The Skyrim modding community is still very active, so this site is updated all the time.  Note that Nexus Mods has pages for other games as well, including other Elder Scrolls titles, Fallout titles, and many more.
  • Emma’s Elder Scrolls Site is hosted by one of the more famous modders in the Elder Scrolls universe.  On the site are mods for Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, created not only by Emma, but by her friends and colleagues as well.  Be sure to check out her Forum (registration required to participate); you’ll find users from all over the world!

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