Fallout 4, Finally

So, the House Appropriations Committee (of one) approved my budget submission to purchase Fallout 4 a few days ago; I consider it a combination Christmas/birthday present.  While I managed to get through Fallout 3 and most of the way through Fallout New Vegas, I hadn’t paid much attention to people’s opinions of Fallout 4, or even what it was the player was supposed to do.  But so far, I’m having lots of fun, and the graphics are really impressive.

Have any of you played Fallout 4 yet?  And more to the point, does anyone know what to do about a Raider wearing T-45 Power Armor?

2 thoughts on “Fallout 4, Finally

  1. I love Fallout 4. I’m not sure it’s all that strong storywise, but I loved the characters. I also liked the setting. I’m from Massachusetts and lived in Boston for three years so it was sort of neat seeing some of my old stomping grounds bombed to smithereens.


  2. I thought the same way about Fallout 3. We’ve lived in Northern Virginia for more than 19 years, so it was interesting to see how the developers imagined the DC environs (the Metro stations were rendered pretty accurately, by the way).

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