Revisiting Skyrim, Again and Again

Photo by Maria Pop from Pexels

Hey folks, still not quite done with the latest installment of the Harp story. My excuse: I’m on business travel this week, and while I left thinking I’d have plenty of time to write in the evenings, it hasn’t turned out that way so far. But in the meantime, I’d like to share an interesting essay from The Brink of Gaming where Brink discusses why, after all these years since its release, Skyrim still has a hold on him.

Brink’s been playing the game ever since it came out, at least a couple years before I could convince the House Appropriations Committee (of one) to let me buy a rig capable of handling the game. Brink’s reasons for his continued enthrallment center around Skyrim’s unique atmosphere, the amount of control players have over their characters, the modding community, and the excellent score. I guess my reasons track more or less to his, although for me, the modding community is Skyrim’s biggest attraction.

Brink’s essay is here. Give it a read, and be sure to check out the rest of his site as well, as he’s given us a lot to think about!

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