Hi Folks! As you’ve noticed, we’re kind of between stories right now. I’ve been developing some ideas in my head for a couple of tales, but I’m not ready to commit anything to the blog just yet. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of the illustrations I made for the stories that I wound up not using for one reason or another.

As you’ve seen, I base my illustrations on screenshots, which I process using a photo editor. I started out using Picasa, which I don’t think is supported any more, but you still might be able to find. But for the last few months, I’ve been using, and I’ve been very happy with the results it gives for someone like me with rather limited skills. In any case, I take a lot more screenshots than I actually use, so here are a few also-rans for the story “Childhoods.”

The shot at left shows young Frida learning to read. It’s not a bad picture, really, but the one I wound up using was a little cuter.

In Part III of “Childhoods,” a teenaged Frida tries to line up an arrow shot at a wolf that’s trying to get into the abbey’s hen house. The shot at right shows Frida with her bow drawn, ready to fire. I wound up not using it because I couldn’t get the colors as rich as I wanted them. Also, if you look closely, her bow is drawn, but the arrow isn’t really nocked, is it? Blame that on Skyrim, not me!

Toward the end of Part IV of the story, Frida must defend herself from a lecherous and cruel Baron, so I needed some pictures of Frida handling an ax. The shot below (which I also posted at Emma’s Elders Scrolls Forum) uses Picasa’s CinemaScope effect, which came out kind of interesting, although it would have to show the Baron in front of Frida for it to make much sense.

Finally, at the conclusion of the story, we meet the main character as an elderly woman recounting her adventures with the Dragonborn and her life’s work thereafter. I wanted her to look distinguished and somewhat regal, so I took a lot of shots of her sitting on a large chair. This one might have worked, but the perspective was a little bit off (her hands look huge!):

For me, creating the illustrations is a significant part of the fun of creating my fan fiction, and as I wrote more, I got a little better at putting the illustrations together. Next time, we’ll look at some also-rans from my other stories!

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