What We Leave Behind

What can we leave behind? What can’t we bear to be without?

Hi Folks! At long last, I’ve posted the beginning of a new Skyrim fan fiction. Actually, I wanted to get this one up weeks ago, in time for the new year, but I found myself surprisingly busy over the interval, and I had lots of false starts on the tale I just posted.

“What We Leave Behind” uses Tamriel’s Old Life and New Life festivals as a setting, and gives us an update on Jot and Lucia from “A Hand to Hold.” I expanded the idea of Old Life and New Life to include some traditions that, as far as I know, don’t actually exist in Elder Scrolls canon, but I don’t think they really violate it, either. These traditions put Jot, now an adult, into a very difficult position as he must now make some tough decisions about his future, and the future of those he cares about most.

To frame the story, I thought it might be fun to catch up with Cari Ayalu, star of “The Harp’s Call,” and see how she’s getting along with Max, who’s mentioned briefly in that story.

To read Part I of “What We Leave Behind,” click here!

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