Some Fallout 4 Screenshots

Hi Folks! Not a lot to report, as I’m still trying to figure out what the next story will be about, but in the meantime, I thought I might share a few screenies I made while playing Fallout 4. Some of these I posted originally at Emma’s Elder Scrolls Site, but not all. Now, these aren’t really dynamic action shots — for the moment, I just stuck with taking portraits of characters and companions, and editing them in So here goes:

First of all, I got what I thought was a fairly nice panorama of Diamond City, taken from the press box. Those familiar with what Diamond City represents will recognize the Green Monster out in left field.

Anyone who’s played any of the Fallout games knows how grim and grey the game environment is, and Fallout 4 is no exception. One of the things I noticed is that all the characters, player, companion, NPC, all seem gaunt and exhausted. I think the following shots illustrate that idea pretty well:

Catching a breather in Sanctuary Hills…
Ellen the Cartographer
On the left, we see a trio that really needs some rest. On the right is a shot of Piper, revealing a wrenching bit of her personal life. The camera angle was kind of odd when she started talking, but I thought it made for kind of an interesting shot.

Hope you enjoyed this little display, and if you have any screenies to share, please let me know. Oh, and before I go, the mods I used in these shots are as follows:

Stay safe, everybody!

3 thoughts on “Some Fallout 4 Screenshots

  1. I really like your approach. Instead of just posting random pics from your screenshot folder, you actually put a considerable effort into creating the post and provided some meaningful commentary. I wish more blogs would make share their screencap collections in this way, hey, maybe I should lead by example and do it myself, so… thanks for the inspiration!

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    1. Glad you liked them. Every now and then, I manage to get a decent action shot, but I usually forget in the thick of the fight. In quieter moments, I’ll just freeze time, switch to free camera mode, and just look around to see what’s going on. Sometimes I’ll get a compelling image, but lots of other shots never get published. Hey, if you come up with some good shots for your own blog, I’ll be sure to link to your post!

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      1. Hey, I know the pain, I tend to take tonnes of screenshots when playing games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim but about 70% get deleted when I review them, and then I still find it impossible to pick anything from the rest for my blog. You’re right, though, I should finally make a decent screenshot post, so stay tuned.

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