The one or two readers who actually made it through the story “Reverberations” might remember that Lukas, the star of Adrian’s vivid, disturbing dreams, winds up being exiled by the Emperor himself. Now, I never said exactly where the poor fellow was exiled to, but it doesn’t take much imagination to conclude he wound up in Vvardenfell. That being the case, what would have happened to Lukas after he arrived? I suppose that would be a good topic for a story, but it also gave me an excuse to reinstall Morrowind, mod it up, and start taking some screenshots!

Since Lukas is supposed to be a teenager, the principle mods that made these screenshots work are Emma’s Children of Morrowind, along with her Playable Children add-on (which appears on the same page). After racking up a few hours of playing time, here are a few shots that came out halfway decent:

Arrival: Does Fargoth irritate absolutely everyone me meets? Is that his mission in life?
Nighttime in Seyda Neen: “I don’t think I’ve ever been so lonesome. I miss my Mama. I miss Larisa!”
Hitting the road: “Check out my sweet chitin armor!”
Stopover in Pelagiad: “What’s a nice Elven boy doing in a dump like this?”
Balmora: Making friends with a local youth.
With the Fighters’ Guild: Aww Rats!
With the Fighters’ Guild: Duking it out with some egg poachers near Balmora.

I suspect we’ll be adding to this little saga from time to time. Restarting Morrowind has reminded me how much I liked the game in the first place. While its successors made the expected advances in graphics and gameplay, neither Oblivion nor Skyrim has charmed me quite as much as Morrowind did. What do you think?

Edit: Inserted a shot I forgot to put in last night.

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