Let Us Then Be Joined Together, Part II

Cari, in her Maiden Attendant Splendor!

Hey, folks! I just posted Part II of “Let Us Be Joined Together,” where we see the runup to Teri Ayalu’s and Adrian Lindström’s wedding through Cari’s eyes. As some of you know, Cari is Teri’s niece, and despite their age difference, they’re inseparable. As such, it surprised nobody when Teri selected her niece as her Maiden Attendant, which is something like a cross between bridesmaid and flower girl. In this installment, I thought it might be interesting to explore their relationship (and Cari’s fears for the future) a little more deeply, though we can count on young Max, Uncle Adrian’s nephew, to pop up for a little comic relief.

To read Part II of “Let Us Be Joined Together,” please click here.

Note: Part I of this story can be found here.

Oh, one more thing: Both Part I and Part II of this story end with a loud, startling organ flourish. In my imagination, it might have sounded something like the finale to Camille Saint-Saëns’ Third Symphony, which I’ve linked to below (yes, do listen, but if you’re easily startled, or have a sleeping infant close by or something, you might want to turn the volume down!).

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