Let Us Then Be Joined Together, Part III

Hey Everybody, the wedding ceremony’s about to start, and you’ve got the best seats in the chapel — you get to see Aunt Teri and Uncle Adrian through Max and Cari’s eyes! This was a fun installment to write, as it allowed me to let my imagination run free for a bit. While experienced Skyrim players are probably familiar with the wedding ceremony that takes place in-game, I had the chance to imagine how the nuptials would proceed a thousand years later. What I wound up with was kind of a mix of North American Protestant wedding, flavored with some symbolic acts and “Maric” philosophy, topped off with the marriage script from the game itself.

So welcome, step on into the chapel. Your pew is here!

“A joyous day for all who witness this union, consecrated by Lady Mara.”

Note: For previous installments, click here for Part I, or here for Part II.

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