Writing and Not Writing

Hey, Everybody! I’m still thinking about what to write next. There are a few ideas swimming around in my head, whether for a totally new story or for revising existing stories. As for new stories, here are a couple ideas:

  • Who was responsible for the death of Jot Sorenson’s parents? An Imperial investigator must team up with a Thalmor agent to find out.
  • Teenage Max Sundberg greatly respects his friend Cari Ayalu’s intelligence and insight, but it takes a mystical experience for him to truly appreciate his friend.

Regarding revisions – I suppose any of my stories have room for improvement! I’ve been thinking about ways to tighten up “The Harp’s Call,” but haven’t quite decided which way to go, yet.

Needless to say, I won’t decide today. Or probably tomorrow, either. In the meantime, there’s plenty to read and learn from. Here are a couple of recent finds:

Remember: it doesn’t matter if your ideas are cohesive, if your grammar is correct, if your spelling is wrong, or even if you’re writing in sentences. The only goal is to build the connection between your two major writing instruments: your brain and your fingers.

  • Elspeth Aurilie has published the latest chapter in her saga, “The Rise of House Sigeweald.” I’ve linked to Elspeth’s site a couple times already, as I’ve always enjoyed her writing and her faithful fanbase. She doesn’t disappoint in her latest installment, either, though I wouldn’t recommend reading this one to your children as a bedtime story. In fact, Old RPM had to loosen his collar and almost had to retreat to the fainting couch!

I’ve enjoyed the two or three years I’ve been blogging, and have come to realize that half the fun is seeing what other bloggers are writing about. This is something I need to do more of. See you next time (I’ll be posting some Fallout 4 screenies soon)!

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