Notable Links, March 2021

Hey, Folks! Still working on the next story,* but while we’re at it, I thought I might share a couple of links to other goings-on around the web.

First of all, Elspeth Aurilie writes on! This time, we get the latest in her Dragonborn story, “Under the Purple Sky.” I’ll say it again: If you haven’t been reading Elspeth’s work, you really should be. Her characterization and plotting make her stories very compelling, putting the reader right into the middle of the narrative.

Next, consider author Cedar Sanderson’s recipe for Low-Carb Chocolate Fudge Pie! And while you’re there, consider the rest of her site. She’s a prolific multi-genre author (I’ve read three of her books, and definitely will be reading more), artist, and scientist. Science fiction, contemporary fantasy, science commentary, yummy recipes: What more could anyone ask for?

Hopefully, I’ll have the first installment of our next tale up soon. Until then, stay healthy!

*In the new tale, young Frokken Cari Ayalu, a teenager in modern Skyrim, receives in the mail a thick scholarly tome containing personal accounts of the Dragonborn era, and we get to follow along as she learns what it was like to live in those momentous times!

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