Yes, I Still Exist

Hi Folks! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been pretty busy around the Midnight household. Basically, we’ve moved it. After 22 years, my wife and I finally decided to pull up stakes and move out of the place we bought in 1999. It was time, really — with the kids all grown we didn’t see much point in rattling around in the old place. And at this point in our lives, neither of us is all that fond of stair climbing. So, after lining things up with a realtor, a renovator, and a mover, we made the move a week ago, and have been steadily arranging and rearranging ever since.

Of course, none of that happened quickly. Lots of preparation: sorting, cleaning, saving, recycling, discarding, and donating dominated our weekends. Even after moving hundreds (thousands?) of pounds of stuff, two decades’ worth of accumulation, the task ahead still seemed terribly daunting.

But we made it. Though last week was exhausting, our new household (in a nice apartment) is shaping up well. But one thing I would suggest: If you’re thinking of moving, try not to schedule your second COVID vaccine for the day the movers arrive. Really, just don’t do that!

We’ll talk again soon!

3 thoughts on “Yes, I Still Exist

  1. Oh no! Hope you’re feeling alright after your second dose!

    I keep thinking that I need to bear down and start your story fresh, so this might be the perfect opportunity during your down time 🙂 Enjoy your new home!

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  2. Thanks for asking — I talked to my brother right after I got the jab. He suggested I’d feel okay that day, but would feel sick the day after. He wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t really all that severe. Oddly, the reaction lifted kind of suddenly after about 36 hours.


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