Max Sundberg Takes a Train Ride

So, last week we returned from a trip Out West, taking care of grad school-related matters for one of our kids. We flew out and back; I had no intention of driving all the way from the East Coast! Anyway, it’s the first time my wife and I had been on a plane in over a year, and as many of you know, some things about flying have changed, at least in the United States. But you know what I really missed? The airline’s in-flight magazine and the catalog of stuff that I would never buy! They weren’t on the plane, and the flight attendant indicated that they were gone for the duration. I was kind of disappointed.

Which brings us to the topic of this post. Max Sundberg is riding on a train with his football team, on their way to a tournament of some kind. Bored, Max looks for something to read, and finds a copy of TamRail’s on-board magazine, and reads an article on the cultural impact of Jot and Miki stories through the centuries. If you want to read over Max’s shoulder, click here!

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