Even More Notable Links

What, another Notable Links post this month (What, more than one post in thirty days)? Okay, I haven’t been able to put any work into Part II of the Cobblestones story — we’re on a family holiday trip, and family holiday trip stuff tends to take precedence. But I did get a chance to do a little reading today, and have a couple links to pass along:

First, Kent Wayne, the Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha, talks about the series that started his writing career. A four-book epic, Echo covers a lot of concrete and abstract topics, along with plenty of swashbuckling violence. And if that’s not your cup of Earl Grey, you can always jump into Kor’Thank: Barbarian Valley Girl! Link is here.

Now, I’ve talked about Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha before, but here’s a writer I hadn’t come across before this afternoon. Nila Patel has been writing the Storyfeather site since 2013, and has added dozens of stories since starting. The latest, entitled The Lunarian, concerns a pair of lunar explorers, an unexpected encounter, and a complete reassessment of humanity’s relationship with the cosmos. I expect I’ll be spending a lot of time on this site!

Oh, where did we go on our family trip? Wife, kids and I did a little traveling in Colorado. It’s a beautiful state in any season, but the Rocky Mountains are absolutely striking in the winter. I hope everyone’s having a great Holiday Season — see you all soon!

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