A Fallout 3 Picture Story (Part I)!

Hi Folks! Long time no see! I know it’s been a while — lots of life (meaning, work) getting in the way these days. I’ve got a pretty good idea how “Cobblestones and Mud” is going to turn out, but haven’t had a ton of time to write it all out. In the mean time, I thought I might post some screenshots I took while playing Fallout 3. These shots originally appeared on Emma’s Elder Scrolls Forum, but I thought I’d show them here as well.

So let’s set the scene: If you’ve played Fallout 3, you’ll remember that you learn the game controls as your character grows through infancy, childhood, and adolescence. We’ll start there with a youngster named Iris, who’s lived her entire short life in Vault 101. While you can’t go into third person mode when your character’s an infant, you can at her tenth birthday. And here she is, with her best (and probably only) friend Amata, the daughter of Vault 101’s overseer.

Amata (with party hat) and Iris at Iris’s tenth birthday party

One gets the sense that neither Iris nor Amata is terribly popular. One also gets the sense that nobody at Bethesda put much time into building convincing child models (and why would they, if you think about it). Iris, with her brand new BB gun, a gift from Papa, looks just a little, well, evil.

Cool birthday cap and cool BB gun!

Time passes. Iris grows up. On her way to take the General Occupational Aptitude Test (GOAT), Iris finds Amata being harassed by the awful Butch and his Tunnel Snakes gang. In the game, one has the choice of getting into a punch-up with the young hooligan, but if your character’s charisma is high enough, simple words might be enough to dissuade him.

A smooth talker!

The GOAT is used to identify optimal futures for young vault dwellers. As the overseer’s daughter, Iris’s friend Amata is slated for supervisory roles, while Butch will go into hairdressing. And Iris? She’s destined to be Vault 101’s future chaplain!

Does anyone remember projectors like the one above?

It’s all a lot for a young person to take in, but in later years, Iris would look back at her youth in Vault 101 as a time of almost careless bliss. She had no way of knowing what life-shattering changes were coming her way, and how soon. To find out more, just stay tuned!


Oh, by the way, if you want to see some great Elder Scrolls screenshots, plus artwork from other games, Emma’s Elder Scrolls Forum is a great place to visit. Hundreds of pages and thousands of images, and if you’ve got some screenies you’d like to share, just join up. We’d love to seem ’em!

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