“Childhoods” is a story I can trace back to a particular Skyrim mod:  Hangakin’s enormously popular (and adorable) Poet Follower.  As many Skyrim players know, Poet is a diminutive potential follower who hangs out at the Sleeping Giant tavern in Riverwood.  One thing I’d always wondered, though – if she’s a Poet, where are her poems?  So I thought about what kind of poems she might write.  Then I wondered, if she’s writing down poems in a book somewhere, could she be keeping a journal as well?  What would she have to say?

At that point, I started to think about Skyrim followers’ pasts.  Many of the followers and companions on the Skyrim Nexus already have backstories, but most of them don’t.  I started to think about what events led up to a particular follower (not necessarily Poet at this point) arriving in someplace as rugged as Skyrim.  Eventually, I decided she was on the run from something, and the rest of the story gradually fell into place after that.

“Childhoods” has five episodes, which you can read by clicking the links below: