Let Us Then Be Joined Together

“Let Us Then Be Joined Together” is a light, humorous story of a wedding in contemporary Skyrim, seen through the eyes of two ten-year-old participants in the ceremony. They’re just getting to know each other, and the start of their relationship is a little rocky!

The story evolved from a few others that appear on this site. At the end of the story “Reverberations,” I had Adrian Lindström and Teri Ayalu marrying at the Lady Chapel in Solitude’s Historic District. Sounds like a perfect “happily ever after” ending, right? Well, a few things played on my decision to elaborate a little further on the wedding topic.

The first thing was a piece of music. The finale to Camille Saint-Saëns’ Third (Organ) Symphony starts out with a majestic (and very loud) pipe organ flourish, which made me think of Adrian and Teri’s wedding. The music that follows varies between light-hearted and sort of ominous, which made me think that something dramatic might be going on, and it was up to me to figure out what!

Second, one of the wedding participants, young Cari Ayalu, appears briefly in “Reverberations,” stars in “The Harp’s Call,” and has a small role at the beginning and ending of “What We Leave Behind.” Since it’s stated that Cari was her Aunt Teri’s Maiden Attendant, I thought it might be fun to explain her role in more detail.

Finally, Cari’s counterpart, Max Sundberg, is mentioned briefly in “The Harp’s Call” as a slightly obnoxious young boy who was his Uncle Adrian’s Squire at the wedding. He appears in “What We Leave Behind” as kind of a teenage doofus, so I decided to give him a little more exposure, and maybe paint a slightly more sympathetic portrait.

Putting those factors together gave me a chance to imagine contemporary Skyrim’s social and religious customs, and how they’re influenced by the beliefs and ceremonies described in the Elder Scrolls games. I also got a chance to trot out some old photos from my personal collection – the Lady Chapel interior was taken at the John Ryland Library in Manchester, UK, while the exteriors that Max is running through in the conclusion were taken at Bryn Mawr College, a picturesque campus near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What will become of Cari and Max? How will that relationship develop? That remains for the future, but I think we’ll be seeing them again! The story is in four parts; just click on the links! Part I, Part II, Part III, Conclusion.

P.S. A great video of the finale to Saint-Saëns’ Third Symphony can be viewed below!

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