Three Important Birthdays

*A quick note on “The Sevens” in Dunmer culture: Since ancient days, the three most important birthdays for young Dunmer come at intervals of seven years, marking important stages of life. The first of these is the Sacred Seventh. In olden times, a Dunmer child who reached seven years would have survived or avoided the most lethal childhood diseases, and stood a good chance of reaching adulthood. By the Blessed Fourteenth, Dunmer children could take their places working among adults. At Holy Twenty-First, young Dunmer were considered full adults, and could enter covenants and contracts without parental approval (although most, either out of filial piety or simple prudence, sought parental support anyway).

While the reasons behind the Sacred Seventh, Blessed Fourteenth, and Holy Twenty-First have become less important in modern times, those birthdays are still special occasions in the Dunmer community, and often feature elaborate celebrations and gifts. Since non-Dunmer seldom observe The Sevens, Cari’s gift to Max was quite special.