What We Leave Behind

“What We Leave Behind” is designed to be kind of a follow-up to “A Hand to Hold.” When I finished the latter story, I thought I left the main character, Simon “Jot” Sorenson, in a pretty good place. He’s grown up, he has steady work making shoes, and his friendship with Lucia looks poised to develop into something greater. More importantly, he knows that at some level Miki is still with him. However, it seemed like there was more story to tell, and I thought it would be a good idea to see how Simon was getting on over the years.

I never meant for “What We Leave Behind” to be a long story, and it isn’t. I have it taking place right around the end of the year, during the Old Life and New Life celebrations, and speculate on some traditions that don’t appear to be Elder Scrolls canon, but don’t really violate it either. The main narrative comes across as very earnest; that was on purpose. To offset the heaviness of the tale, I framed the story with Cari (from “The Harp’s Call”) and a boy named Max visiting a museum in modern-day Skyrim.

The story is in two parts, as follows:

Part I